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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Zadie Smith On Creativity...

Zadie Smith spoke at the International Festival in Rome, the theme being "I had a dream." She spoke on creativity and refusal and had a lot of interesting things to say. 
".... creativity is something more than finding the perfect audience for the perfect product. In my opinion, a true "creative" should not settle for a meet existing demand, but would have to change our idea of ​​what we want. A work of art form the vital public, creates a taste for herself. In this sense, the heart of creativity is a rejection. Why work really creative avoids always see the world as others see it, or as it is generally described. Refutes the conventional and generic: "renewed". Sometimes this change of perspective creates forced pleasure, and a Creative must consider himself very lucky if this happens. But it must also prepare for the more usual reactions: discomfort, disgust, confusion, shock, and even anger. Often what is really new creeps with ease in the existing state of things. As a minimum causes a little 'friction. Yet I find it difficult to cultivate and promote in students - especially Americans - the willingness to risk not pleasure. They are trained to follow the principle of supply and demand, the relationship between entertainer and audience. As an antidote, at the beginning of each course, check the reading of Kafka, in the hope that makes them bolder. Why Kafka was a creative whose creativity was not based on the need for approval. A man for which the creativity was in itself a form of rejection."
Read the full transcript here --

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