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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tweet Chat On "Ethnic Writing"

I was invited by one of my favorite writing organizations Grubstreet to join in on a tweet chat on Ethnic Writing. I have never really liked this term very much, but I decided to join in and see what came out of it. Interestingly enough a lot of other writers of varying cultural backgrounds agree that this is a term that really needs to be hashed out. Here are some tweets that really stood out --

Q5: Be true to the story you want to tell. It's not ethnic writing. It's writing. That's all that counts.

There is a global appeal to every story that is told well and with passion. Overanalyzing the "ethnic" aspects takes the joy away

resist the fear that some better-marketed writer has already told the "great [ethnic] story."

A2. Authenticity is so often NOT just a matter of facts, and more a matter of honest attitude and mindframe.

Everything is ultimately "ethnic writing" it is the culture and the environment of a piece that defines it, right?

To read all the tweets from this vibrant interchange go here.

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