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Friday, February 15, 2013

Congratulations - Winners of the Suprose Valentines Day Giveaway!

Following were the participants for the Suprose Valentines Day Giveaway. Numbers were assigned randomly.
  1. Veena Iyer
  2. Chand Somaiah
  3. Laura Van Vliet
  4. Pavithra
  5. Iyengarfamily
  6. Laj
  7. Soniah
  8. Shobana
  9. Nandita
  10. Krishna Pachegonekar
  11. Raji Shankar

Numbers were picked at http://www.random.org/

And, the winners are...
7 - Soniah
4 - Pavithra
3 - Laura
2 - Chand
1 – Veena


Please send us your mailing address and your book will be mailed out to you shortly!

Thanks all for participating and for reading this blog. Look for another fabulous giveaway coming soon...

Don't forget to spread the word and tell your friends and family about Suprose!


  1. Yay! Thank-you so much for this! This is awesome!

    I wasn't sure where else to send my address:

    Laura VanVliet
    312 Ophelia St.
    Pittsburgh PA 15213

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Laura: Can you please confirm that you got the book? Thanks.