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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Top Ten Books Of 2012 So Far

When Flavorwire listed it's Top 10 books of 2012 so far, it was great to see two Indian names on the list Rajesh Parameswaran and Jeet Thayil.

Have you read their books yet?

Rajesh Parameswaran is author of "I Am An Executioner" Love Stories. 

This book has gotten rave reviews from The New York Times, The Guardian, and others.

In the first story in Parameswaran’s debut collection, a Bengal tiger realizes he is hopelessly in love with his handler, and then expresses that love in the only way he truly can — by killing and consuming him before heading out into the suburbs on a the quietest rampage you might ever imagine. Brutally delightful and piercing, the collection only gets better from there. 

An interview with Rajesh Parameswaran in Granta is here.

Jeet Thayil, is author of Narcopolis. 
"Poet, musician, and ex-junkie Jeet Thayil’s vibrant debut novel is a sprawling saga about the underbelly of 1970s Bombay, with shifting foci and wonderfully degenerate characters swirling about in the muck, looking for their fix — whatever that might be. Striking, compelling and strangely addicting itself, Thayil’s prose will have you captivated until the very end," says Flavorwire.
Here is a review of Narcopolis on NPR, in The Guardian and in The Millions
An interview with Jeet Thayil in Publishing Perspectives is here.

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