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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How To Write Fiction Collection from the Guardian

An excellent collection of "how to write fiction" essays from the Guardian is a great and inspiring read for writers at all levels.

How to write fiction: Jill Dawson on getting started
Mired in research? Fearful of failure? Procrastination is the writer's biggest enemy. Fight it: a series of false starts is better than no start at all.

How to write fiction: Meg Rosoff on finding your voice
Your 'voice' lies somewhere between your conscious and subconscious mind. Finding that place is a challenging exercise in self-confrontation, says Meg Rosoff

How to write fiction: Kate Mosse on the importance of plot
The concept of plot has its detractors – but every writer needs a taut framework of cause and effect on which to hang their words, says Kate Mosse

How to write fiction: Adam Foulds on description with meaning
You need to immerse yourself in the world in order to describe it truthfully. Choose your words precisely and they will propel your plot forward, says Adam Foulds

How to write fiction: Mark Billingham on creating suspense
More than any trick or technique, what makes suspense so enthralling is empathy – crafting characters your readers can truly connect with, says Mark Billingham

How to write fiction: Geoff Dyer on freedom
Writing is a natural process – we're all geared up to do it, says Geoff Dyer

How to write fiction: DBC Pierre on convincing dialogue
Dialogue is the lifeblood of your novel – the credulity of your characters depends on it. DBC Pierre shares his hard-won techniques for writing fluid, believable conversation

How to write fiction: Andrew Miller on creating characters
Strong characters are crucial to fiction. You can borrow traits from real life, but the best characters are born of a deeper human understanding

How to write fiction: Rachel Cusk on point of view
Learning to distinguish between point of view and objective truth is the writer's first step towards creating authentic, resonant work

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