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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Story Of My Life

From the Tri State Observer --

"The oldest living person, Mrs. Ghaini is a member of the nomadic
tribe the Raj Gond, displaced a century ago from their positions as
personal traditional healers and doctors to the local Indian king and
queen. She counts approximately 100 grandchildren, over 150
great-grandchildren and dozens of great-great-grandchildren. No
official record exists of her birth, but she recalls events that
impacted her family that can be traced to the late 1800's and best
estimates places her birth around 1873, which makes her older than the
oldest official living person, who is 115 in the USA. Whatever her
exact age is, there is no dispute that she ranks among the
super-centenarians of the world, a feat still achieved by very few.

Ghaini Lal Signh Jamkar has been recognized by the Government of India
with an award to her very long service and knowledge of Ayurvedic
Medicine, and she easily rattles off the curative properties of over
1,000 native plants. She has guided over a thousand births, and helped
cure hundreds including local royalty of various ailments using her
secret herbal remedies.

Although illiterate, she is excited about having her Life being
featured o n a computer for the world wide web to read, and says
"You'll have to read it to me, but I have seen both good days and bad
days, and I don't have further expectations from life. I just want to
see my children and future generations flourish well and I want to see
my children do well in life and see them happy and comfortable. I hope
telling my Stories of our people to the world will help bring them
prosperity and a long life too."

Story of My Life's professional writers, or "Storytellers" are
interviewing and writing about fascinating life stories of people,
whether they be inspirational, humorous, unbelievable, heartbreaking
or even simply ridiculous. "In the hands of a good writer, every
person has a great story to tell," says Kristen Kuhns, co-founder of
the Story of My Life site and spear-heading the new Storyteller
writers section."

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