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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Literary Love Affair

In a world where romanticism is slowly fading, Jane Austens and Emily
Bronte's are historical authors, Mills and Boon has been serving out
romantic tales to those that seek romantic escapism. These are not to
be read as examples of the best prose, but as stories to escape into
while the world around you bears a different truth.
In an article titled "Mills & Boon - a literary love affair" in UK
based publication The Independent says, "Love them or loathe them, a
Mills & Boon book is sold in the UK every three seconds. As over a
century of publishing is celebrated in a new exhibition about the
Author Charlotte Cripps looks back at this literary love affair and
writes, "What is secret of a good romantic read? "There is no secret.
I still worry about each book I submit; you never know whether it has
hit the spot until your editor has read it," she admits. "The Mills &
Boon books are short. The emotional intensity and sexual heat you have
to generate between two characters is challenging. There is always a
conflict in the romance which I try to resolve in my writing. The male
character generally has to travel the longest journey in the story.
First he usually has to realise that he does loves the woman. Secondly
he then may have to realise that in order to be with her he may have
to change. This point for me is very romantic because they both make
the decision to value the relationship more than their prejudices,
fears, or barriers put up to protect themselves from the pain of
experiencing the past."
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