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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children A Favorite For The Best Of Booker Prize

According to a press release issued by the Man Booker Prize, "The Best
of the Booker, a one-off celebratory award to mark the 40th
anniversary of the Booker Prize, announces its shortlist today (12 May

The Times Of India reports that, "Salman Rushdie is the favourite to
win the Best of the Booker Prize after his novel Midnight's Children
was shortlisted on Monday for the "greatest of the greatest" award."

The six shortlisted books, chosen from the list of 41 Booker Prize and
Man Booker Prize winners, are:
Pat Barker's The Ghost Road (1995, Viking; paperback Penguin)
Peter Carey's Oscar and Lucinda (1988, Faber & Faber; paperback Faber)
JM Coetzee's Disgrace (1999, Secker & Warburg; paperback Vintage)
JG Farrell's The Siege of Krishnapur (1973, Weidenfeld & Nicolson,
paperback Phoenix)
Nadine Gordimer's The Conservationist (1974, Cape; paperback Bloomsbury)
Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children (1981, Cape; paperback Vintage)

"The shortlist was selected by a panel of judges - the biographer,
novelist and critic Victoria Glendinning, (Chair); writer and
broadcaster Mariella Frostrup, and John Mullan, Professor of English
at University College, London," says the Booker Prize Press Release.
According to them, "The only time that a celebratory award has
previously been created for 'the Booker' was in 1993 - the 25th
anniversary - when Salman Rushdie won the Booker of Bookers with
Midnight's Children. Now 15 years on, William Hill has offered Rushdie
6/4 odds as the favourite to win again. Second favourite is Pat
Barker at 3/1, followed by Peter Carey (4/1) and JM Coetzee at 5/1,
Nadine Gordimer (8/1) and JG Farrell (10/1)."

The public can vote for the best booker prize winner at --

The full press release can be viewed at--

The Times of India article is at--

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