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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kavita Daswani on Kaavya Vishwanathan

Kavita Daswani is the author of several works in the chick-lit genre including “For Matrimonial Purposes” and “The Village Bride of Beverly Hills.” She has been a fashion correspondent for CNN, CNBC Asia, and Womens Wear Daily. A native of Mumbai, she currently lives in Los Angeles.
On Viswanathan’s Book…
I read her work. I even endorsed it on the cover. I liked it - thought it was funny and well-written. I thought she had a lot of talent.
On Plagiarism In The Chick-Lit Genre…
I think that plagiarism itself is an anomaly. But it does call attention to the entire genre, and that could be a good thing. Not every female Indian writer is 19 years old and prone to things like this. With regards to plagiarism in the chick-lit genre, not more so than other genres - although I can see how dealing in certain story lines and characters can be limiting.
On Packaging…
I can see how it could work, definitely. If there's raw talent there, but a writer needs help getting his or her ideas out there, there's no reason why he or she can't bring in a packaging company to help them put something together.
On The Media Overexposing The Case…
The main reason it was overexposed was because of Kaavya's youth, and the amount of money she was paid for her work. If it were a 40-year old writer who was given an unspectacular advance, probably very little attention would have been drawn to it.
On Viswanathan Writing And Being Published Again…
Give it a few years. and some experience and insight on her part. Maybe, eventually, it will be forgotten and she can have another go. People can be forgiving. But the most important thing is that she should have something to offer, and an authentic voice that people will want to hear.

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